3 artists commissioned for R6 Scott Highway RapidBus public art

3 artists commissioned for R6 Scott Highway RapidBus public art
3 artists commissioned for R6 Scott Highway RapidBus public art
Remaining to proper: Angela Aujla, Jessie Sohpaul and Keerat Kaur

We have commissioned a few artists with connections to Surrey and Delta’s South Asian local community, tradition and heritage to produce community artworks along the new R6 Scott Highway RapidBus route.

TransLink and a panel of South Asian artwork experts selected Keerat Kaur, Angela Aujla and Jessie Sohpaul for a new mosaic and shelter glazing.

Headshot of Keerat Kaur
Keerat Kaur

Keerat Kaur was picked to build a mosaic for the new R6 RapidBus median bus cease at 72 Avenue and Scott Street. This median island in-lane bus cease will be one of a kind in TransLink’s program.

She is a Canadian-born artist and architect with Sikh-Panjabi roots. Her perform has typically revolved close to revitalizing aspects of Panjabi-Sikh tradition, whilst concurrently advertising and marketing inclusivity and group engagement.

Keerat describes her mosaic design and style is “influenced by the aesthetics of the Punjabi ground dari, or carpet, with three important bouquets and a few emblematic birds, each individual carrying profound symbolic meaning within just Punjabi and Sikh poetics. The highlighted motifs encompass the marigold (celebration), the parakeet (playfulness), the lotus (perseverance), the peacock (regality), the rose (magnificence), and the eagle (energy).”

Headshot of Angela Aujla
Angela Aujla

Angela Aujla was selected to structure bus shelter glazing for the new Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) eastbound halt and the northbound end at 72 and Scott Highway.

She is a visible artist and professor who engages with archival materials and cultural objects to explore the interplay involving society, memory and history.

Angela’s styles will “draw from Sikh iconography, embed traditional Panjabi phulkari textile and aspect the Northern Goshawk, known in Panjabi as the baaj. The baaj is the point out chook of the Panjab, which can be identified in Sikh scriptures and artwork, and has habitat in the Reduce Mainland.”

Headshot of Jessie Sohpaul
Jessie Sohpaul

Jessie Sohpaul was selected to structure bus shelter glazing for the new southbound median bus stop at 72 Avenue and Scott Road and for the new westbound bus prevent at 128 Avenue and 72 Avenue.

He is a multidisciplinary artist, primarily based out of Vancouver, whose get the job done is seriously affected by his encounter as a to start with era born into a Punjabi immigrant family and raised in Canada.

Jessie shared his “vision for the R6 undertaking is to produce a lens into migration and movement. The aim is to make a piece that seeks to rejoice the journey and is a pause instant for reflection. The type of the work is dependent on the intricate Jaali designs (lattices) and will act as windows into the lives of people and riders.”

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This is the initially time we have commissioned public art for a RapidBus route. The 3 artists will finalize their styles about the coming months with the set up of these considerable general public artworks expected in November 2023.

Debra Rolfe, a senior planner who leads on general public art initiatives at TransLink, says: “We are thrilled to bring the get the job done of these a few remarkable artists to the R6 route in Surrey and Delta and to celebrate the area’s abundant South Asian local community and society.”

The set up will precede the start of the R6 Scott Street RapidBus assistance in early 2024, TransLink’s greatest service expansion because 2020.