Portion 2’ scenes being cut

Some common faces had been lacking from Dune: Aspect Two. When Leisure Weekly requested director Denis Villeneuve earlier this yr about the hardest alternative he had to make in adapting the next 50 percent of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel, the filmmaker had a ready remedy: He was most bummed about getting rid of Thufir Hawat, the Mentat adviser to Household Atreides performed by Stephen McKinley Henderson in 2021’s Dune.

So when EW spoke with Henderson about his position in Alex Garland’s upcoming Civil War, we wondered how he felt about not being aspect of Dune: Element Two. The actor confirmed that he did shoot scenes for the current film that were being ultimately cut. 

“I shot stuff for them and experienced a good time with Denis and Austin Butler,” Henderson tells EW. “I bought to have a nice lunch with Christopher Walken. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of, and I fully grasp it arrives with the territory. Denis had to do the movie that he had to do. So I just like getting a component of it. No regrets.” 

Stephen McKinley Henderson in 2021’s ‘Dune’.

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In Herbert’s novel, Hawat survives the massacre of Residence Atreides (depicted at the conclusion of Villeneuve’s former movie) and is pressured into getting a minion of the villainous Property Harkonnen. So which is why he would’ve been interacting with Butler’s character, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. 

Is there a opportunity we could possibly see that footage sometime? Henderson definitely does not think so (“you’ll never ever see it,” he claims) and Villeneuve has previously said that he has no intention of making “extended editions” of his Dune flicks in the vein of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

“I’m a robust believer that when it is not in the motion picture, it’s useless,” Villeneuve instructed Collider in February. “I kill darlings, and it is painful for me.”

Even though he skipped out on staying part of the finished model of Villeneuve’s most recent movie, Henderson is glad he received to reunite with yet another auteur director, Civil War‘s Alex Garland, who also established the series Devs, in which Henderson starred.

“Denis told me months back that he experienced to make that slice. It wasn’t like I observed out last 7 days or something,” Henderson suggests. “But what I was considering was, ‘Man, I got Civil War.’ Quite honestly, this was the 1 that I was most hunting ahead to.”

So for all those missing Henderson on display, Civil War hits theaters on April 12. You can examine EW’s in-depth preview here. 

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