Stargirl Season Three: Release Date and So Much More

If you’re a fan of Geoff Johns and his unique comic work, you know about Stargirl. Together with Lee Moder, Johns created the person of Stargirl in the 90s. And even though she is lesser known in the world of female superheroes, Stargirl has exploded powerfully, especially during these pandemic times.

First aired in 2020 by DC Universe, Stargirl was the last original series that the digital platform produced. It then moved to The CW when DCU became a service for comics only. Currently, the show is only renewed for the third season, which has already been filmed entirely. But when will it air?

This article lets you know when Stargirl season 3 will hit your screens. Also, you’ll get all the rumors of a fourth season, so be sure to read until the end. 

Release Date and Other Deets

At 8.00 PM ET on August 31, you will see Brec Bassinger and the entire Stargirl cast on The CW. That Wednesday, the comic series will premiere and maintain its status as a summer show. Thankfully, this will come after a long wait because the season was already complete. The delay, however, can be explained by the changes at The CW and its TV scheduling.

Many people like you are waiting to see what season 3 brings, but more importantly, if the show will be renewed for a fourth season. The people at The CW didn’t always worry about ratings when planning future shows, but that is what could happen. So, fans should hope that this Geoff Johns persona will produce excellent numbers.

The Story Goes On

Stargirl, or Courtney Whitmore, is the proud wielder of the Cosmic Staff. She is one of the members of the Justice League and the Justice Society, but that wasn’t her life. At one time, she only cared about boys and shopping, but after moving to Nebraska and invading her stepfather’s space, she’s now one of the Midwest’s top crimefighters.

At the end of season 2, you learned that Starman, the Cosmic Staff’s original wielder, did not die. Instead, he went into hiding, and you will agree that he’ll play a pivotal role in how Stargirl will treat her position as a newly-ordained superhero.

What to Expect in the New Season and the Next 

From the trailer, expect to see the roles of Stargirl and Starman intertwining and more crime-fighting. That’s because, at the end of the trailer, Courtney Whitmore says they’ll be unstoppable no matter the evil coming their way.

The people at Idea Wiki have also speculated how season four could be, and it’ll bring a new stream of villains and heroes. So, be hopeful that once season 3 airs and ends, The CW will renew it for a fourth season.