The List: Edmonton goes pop for Edmonton Expo

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Edmonton is poised for a pop-culture explosion this weekend.

Celebrities including Gabriel Luna from The Last of Us, Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito, John Rhys-Davies of Lord of the Rings fame and more will be mingling with thousands of fans at the Edmonton Comics and Entertainment Expo.

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From anime to cosplay, voice actors to leading stars, art sessions and shopping booths, there will be entertainment and exclusive opportunities for photos and autographs for fans starting Friday and running through Sunday at the Edmonton Expo Centre, 7515 118 Ave.

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Single-day tickets start at $33 and weekend packages at $89 at


9/15-9/30: Barbara Hirst’s In the Wind and Light (Bugera Matheson)

9/15-10/6: Jim Macgregor’s Room for Magic (Bay 1)

Thru 9/16: Shana Wilson’s Presenting Herstory (Peter Robertson)

Thru 9/19: Mona Sahi’s What If I Knew? (Harcourt)

9/22-10/1: Mary Whale’s Between Lines – Merging Portraits And Stories Of Older Adults (Harcourt)

9/22-10/1: Brad Necyk and Gary James Joynes’ And All Of Everything (Harcourt)

9/23: Debra Ward’s Aerial View (Trinity Gallery)

10/7: Wilf Kozub’s The Last Vibrations of Summer (Trinity Gallery)

10/12: Gary James Joynes’ (((SONIC SUNS))) (Peter Robertson)

Thru 10/15: From Warhol to Banksy (AGA)

Thru 10/15: Kenzie Housego’s I (Heart) U (AGA)

Thru 11/4: Furniture (Alberta Craft Gallery)

Thru 11/26: ᐋᐧᐸᑲᐧᓃᐊᐧᐣ Wâpakwanîwin (To bloom, it has many flowers) (AGA)

Thru 12/31: Damian Moppett (AGA)

24/4/29: Uii Savage: Celestial Passage (AGA)

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9/14: Astrid Blodgett’s This is How You Start to Disappear (Audreys)

9/16: J. D. Robertson’s May and Ted (Audreys)

9/17: Shreyasi Brodhecker’s Heart Fire: Poems from an Illuminator of Light and Shadow (Audreys)

9/20: Natalie Kononenko’s Ukrainian Ritual on the Prairies: Growing a Ukrainian Canadian Identity (Audreys)

9/23: Shannon Hart’s The Patient Doesn’t Come First…YOU DO: A Guide for Health Care Workers to Take Care of Themselves (Audreys)

9/28: Jennifer Powering Delisle’s Micrographia (Audreys)

10/3: Bryan Stevenson (Myer Horowitz)

10/4: David Martin’s Kink Bands (Audreys)

10/20: EPL Gala w/ Rainn Wilson (Westin)

11/19: Christine Sinclair (Edmonton Convention Centre)


9/14-17: Darius Bennett (Comic Strip)

9/15: Zarna Garg (River Cree)

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9/15-16: Art Bellerose (Comedy Factory)

9/15-16: Pete Zedlacher (Yuk Yuk’s)

9/16: Chris D’Elia (Jubilee)

9/21-24: Nicky Paris (Comic Strip)

9/22-23: Brian Stollery (Comedy Factory)

9/27-30: Edmonton Comedy Festival Spotlight Series (Spotlight)

9/28-30: Natalie Cuomo and Dan Lamorte (Comic Strip)

9/29-30: Dan Schmidt (Comedy Factory)

10/5-7: Rocky Dale Davis (Comic Strip)

10/6-7: Chris Heward (Comedy Factory)

10/13: The Best Kind Comedy Tour (Yuk Yuk’s)

10/21: Leland Klassen, Mike Goodwin, Jonnie W. (Winspear)

11/2: Andrew Packer, Marc Anthony Sinagoga (Grindstone)

11/4: Ken Jeong (River Cree)

10/7-8: 6 Minute Warning (Spotlight)

11/11: John Crist (Jubilee)

11/22: Just For Laughs (River Cree)

11/30: Jeff Dunham (Rogers)

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Thru 9/10: Perpetual Motion; Early Travel and Transport in Central Alberta (Musée Héritage Museum)

9/22-10/31: Pumpkins After Dark (Borden Park)

9/29-11/4: Deadmonton Haunted House (9300 47 St.)

Thru 10/9: The Art of the Brick (TWOSE)

The Art of the Brick, created by contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya, features more than 1 million LEGO bricks transformed into sculptures including original pieces and reimagined LEGO versions of famous masterpieces. It’s the latest exhibit at Telus World of Science, on display until Oct. 9, 2023. Photo by Shaughn Butts /Postmedia

10/27: Mazes and Brain Games (TWOSE)


9/22-24, 29-30: Oktoberfest (ICT District)

Thru 9/24: Gotta Minute Film Festival (Edmonton LRTs, EPL branches,

9/15-17: Kaleido Family Arts Festival (Alberta Avenue)

9/21-23: Play the Fool Theatre Festival (Backstage Theatre)

9/24-11/1: STARFest (Various venues)

10/12-22: LitFest (Various venues)


3/25-31: Springboards New Play Festival (Gateway Theatre)

5/2-4: Kinfest (Roxy)

5/30-6/9: Nextfest (Roxy)

7/15-28: The Magpie Collective: A Dance Festival (MZD)


Thru 9/24: Gotta Minute Film Festival (Edmonton LRTs, EPL branches,

9/21-10/1: Edmonton International Film Festival (Various venues)

10/20: The Rocky Horror Picture Show featuring Barry Bostwick, the original Brad Majors (River Cree)

10/29: Dirty Dancing in Concert (Jubilee)

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11/8: 299 Queen Street West: The Much Music Experience Tour (Winspear)

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11/9-11: Broad View International Film Festival (Metro)


9/14: Mr. ESQ & Details, Terell Safadi (Starlite)

9/14: Belvedere, The Devils Sons, Regal Foul (Buckingham)

9/15: Barbie Rave (Midway)

9/15: Doreen, Stem Champ, Pallor, LN Baba (Aviary)

9/15: WAKE, Power of Evil (Temple)

9/15: Whale and the Wolf (Starlite)

9/15: Alfie Zappacosta (Spotlight Cabaret)

9/16: Metta Grove: Visionary Art Concert (Citadel)

9/16: Dax (Midway)

9/16: Alexis Normand, Burnstick (Aviary)

9/16: Rising Sun, Illyrian (Temple)

9/16: Sparrow Blue, Dead Levee (Starlite)

9/17: Black Pestilence, Citizen Rage (Temple)

9/19: U.S. Girls (Starlite)

9/21: Jinjer (Midway)

9/22: King (Midway)

9/22: Christine Hanson, Charlie McKerron, Jonny Hardie (Muttart Conservatory)

9/23: Bez Obmezhen (Union)

9/23: Beast In Black (Starlite)

9/23: Half Dead, Man Meat, Open Eyes (Aviary)

9/23: Richard Inman, Zachary Lucky (NLFC)

9/24: Bonnie Raitt, Royal Wood (Jubilee)

9/24: Destroyer, Wayfinding (Starlite)

9/24: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Josephine van Lier (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

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9/26: Hexis, Trauma Model (Temple)

9/27: Terra Lightfoot, Ariel Posen (Starlite)

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9/27: Ariel Posen (Starlite)

9/27: Nightmares on Wax (Starlite)

9/29: Hamdi and Sicaria (Starlite)

9/29: Raffa Fl, Miishu, Don Juan, Bangerz (Chvrch of John)

9/30: Iron Maiden (Rogers)

9/30: Apollo Suns, Purple City Disco, The Static Shift (Aviary)

10/1: Barnes Courtney (Midway)

10/1: Mico (Starlite)

10/2: Avatar (Midway)

10/5: Daniel Caesar (Rogers)

10/6: Jack Botts (Temple)

10/7: Don Berner Big Band (Triffo)

10/7: D.O.A., Isolated Earthlings (Starlite)

10/7: Wilf Kozub (Trinity Gallery)

10/8: Altameda, Small Paul (Starlite)

10/10: Begonia (Starlite)

10/12: Elliott Brood, Shred Kelly (Starlite)

10/12: Godsmack (Rogers)

10/12: Skid Row, Buckcherry (River Cree)

10/12-23: Bill Eddins plays Bach (Winspear)

10/13: Wu-Tang Clan, Nas (Rogers)

10/13: Bell Witch, Spirit Possession (Starlite)

10/13-14: Tim Tomashiro Salutes the Rat Pack (Spotlight)

10/14: Randy Bachman (River Cree)

10/14: Tyler Hubbard (Midway)

10/17: Boy Golden (Starlite)

10/18: Fefe Dobson (Starlite)

10/19: Protest the Hero, Moon Tooth (Starlite)

10/19: Guns N’ Roses (Rogers)

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10/20: Five Alarm Funk (Starlite)

10/20: Valley (Rogers)

10/21: Good Lovelies (Aviary)

10/21: The Bouncing Souls, Anti-flag (Union)

10/22: Adekunle Gold (Midway)

10/22: The Hockey Sweater (Winspear)

10/23: Martin Kerr (Winspear)

10/23: HIS HIS, Sam The Living, Carl Glacier (Aviary)

10/24: The Doobie Brothers (Rogers)

10/24: Jeremy Dutcher (Winspear)

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10/26: Folsom Prison Revisited (Jubilee)

10/26: Dope Lemon (Midway)

10/27: Cooper Alan (Midway)

10/27: Billy TalentGOB, Calling all Captains and DJ Kwake (River Cree)

10/31: Ne Obliviscaris (Starlite)

11/3: Roy Wood$ (Union)

11/4: Moontricks (Midway)

11/6: Half Moon Run, Billie Marten (Midway)

11/6: Bruce Springsteen (Rogers)

11/8: The Beaches (Midway)

11/9: Portugal. The Man, Good Kid (EEC)

11/9: Fionn (Temple)

11/10: KISS (Rogers)

11/11: Tom Cochrane, Trooper, Sass Jordan (EEC)

11/11: The Tea Party, I Mother Earth (Midway)

11/12: Shania Twain, Tenille Townes (Rogers)

11/12: Loreena McKennitt (Jubilee)

11/12: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Don Ross (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

11/14: Jonas Brothers (Rogers)

11/17: The Glorious Sons, The Blue Stones (Rogers)

11/18: Skinny Puppy (Midway)

11/21: Depeche Mode (Rogers)

11/22: Charlotte Cardin (Midway)

11/23: The Cat Empire (Midway)

11/23: Monowhales (Starlite)

11/24: Le Youth (Chvrch of John)

11/24: Big Wreck (Midway)

11/26: Dan Davidson, Five Roses (Starlite)

11/27: Meshuggah, In Flames (Midway)

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12/3: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Vertex String Quartet (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

12/7: Blue Oyster Cult (River Cree)

12/8-9: Handel’s Messiah (Winspear)

12/14: Tenille Arts (River Cree)


1/27: JP Saxe (Midway)

2/10: City and Colour, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Ruby Waters (Rogers)

2/15-16: Star Wars: A New Hope – In Concert (Jubilee)

4/26-27: Celeigh Cardinal w/ the ESO (Winspear)

5/9: Kim Churchill (Aviary)


9/22-23: Ballet Hispánico in Doña Perón (Jubilee)

9/22-24: The Razzle Dazzle Cabaret (Spotlight)

9/21-23: Play the Fool Theatre Festival (Backstage Theatre)

9/23: Connections//Collisions Cabaret (MZD)

9/23-10/15: The Importance of Being Earnest (Citadel)

9/26-10/1: Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of The Temptations (Jubilee)

9/28-10/1: Cinderella (Roxy)

10/6-21: A Phoenix Too Frequent (Studio Theatre)

10/7-8: The Play’s The Thing (Westbury)

10/13-14: Maybe We Land (MZD)

10/13-14: Ballet Edmonton’s Ouvrir (Triffo)

10/17-11/5: Pochsy IV (Roxy)

10/19,21,24: Bizet’s Carmen (Jubilee)

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10/19-29: Girl Brain (Roxy)

10/21-11/19: Little Shop of Horrors (Citadel)

10/25-11/12: Mob (Gateway Theatre)

11/3-4: The Sleeping Beauty (Jubilee)

11/14-19:  Hadestown (Jubilee)

12/5-23: With Bells On! The Musical (Roxy)

12/7-9: Almost a Full Moon (Citadel)

12/14-23: Girl Brain (Roxy)

12/15-16: Shumka’s Nutcracker (Jubilee)

12/15-24: The Nutcracker (Jubilee)


1/18-20: She Loves You (Citadel)

1/19-2/15: Donna Orbits the Moon (Studio Theatre)

1/31-2/4: This is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear (Gateway Theatre)

2/1,3: Mozart’s Don Giovanni (Jubilee)

2/9-10: Ballet Edmonton’s Avancer (Triffo)

2/10-3/3: Rubaboo (Citadel)

2/18: Vástádus eana/ The answer is land (MZD)

2/23-24: Beijing Dance Theatre in Hamlet (Jubilee)

3/2-31: The Sound of Music (Citadel)

3/8-9: Entre Chien et Loup (MZD)

3/14-16: Motown Getdown (Citadel)

3/22-23: Hansel & Gretel (Jubilee)

3/31-4/21: The Mountaintop (Citadel)

4/2-21: Ronnie Burkett’s Wonderful Joe (Roxy)

4/5-20: Candy & The Beast (Studio Theatre)

4/11-12: Golijov’s Ayre (Triffo)

4/20-5/12: The Three Musketeers (Citadel)

5/3-4: Ballet Edmonton’s Unir (Triffo)

5/9-12: Hits of Broadway: Celebrating Motherhood (Citadel)

5/10-11: Der Wolf & The Rite of Spring (Jubilee)

5/17-6/2: Dead Letter (Gateway Theatre)

5/28-6/1: Wagner’s Das Rheingold (Maclab)

5/30-6/9: Nextfest (Roxy)

The List is published every Thursday. If you have events you’d like amplified, or have any corrections or updates, please email [email protected].

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